Beyond the IBS diagnosis

Beyond the IBS diagnosis

What if you found something that really works for you?

Remember when there came the point in your life when you realized all your abdominal aches and issues with bowel movements weren’t normal?

So you tried changing your diet. Lots of food rich in fiber. Plenty of water. Then no beans. You may have even tried so-called miracle supplements. Alas, nothing worked.

You visited your doctor, you went to a specialist, and you cycled through OTC (over the counter) solutions and dietary restrictions while you mapped out the nearest restrooms.

Finally, you are diagnosed with IBS, and suddenly, it all makes sense. You discover that it isn’t all in your head after all.  There was a physical reason for all that abdominal pain, discomfort and inconvenient disruptions caused by diarrhea and constipation (just to name a few symptoms) in your life after all.

But before you take yet another prescription medicine your doctor orders, a friend tells you about Holigos™ IBS. So you think, optimistically, “maybe it’s worth a try before switching to medications.”

Is there a better way?

If you suffer from IBS and have experienced this journey, you are not alone.

You are reading this blog and that's encouraging because it means you are still curious and open to learning about a new product for managing IBS symptoms to get relief: Holigos™ IBS.  Holigos™ IBS is for you with IBS-C, IBS-D, and IBS-M!

Holigos™ IBS is a new, non-prescription medical food based on Human Milk Oligosaccharides. It i clinically proven to manage IBS symptoms and is formulated with ingredients recognized as safe by the FDA.

Powerful evidence

There is scientific research behind the development of Holigos™ IBS. It turns out that what makes Holigos™ IBS special is that it feeds good bacteria that live in the human gut and are crucial to human health. As it nourishes those good bacteria called bifidobacteria, they grow, push pathogenic bacteria out, and produce key nutrients which nourish the intestinal barrier – perhaps taking on root causes of IBS.

If people do not have enough good bacteria, harmful bacteria can get in and may increase the risk of IBS-related symptoms.

Clinical studies: Holigos™ IBS works

Clinically-proven for dietary management of IBS. Users report a substantial reduction in typical IBS symptoms:

  • Reduced abdominal pain
  • Reduced diarrhea
  • Reduced constipation
  • Reduced bloating

Holigos™ IBS also helped to relieve symptoms such as fatigue, irritability/mood, and depression. So it may not only make you feel better, but it could improve your quality of life.

The gut doesn’t hold as many secrets as it used to. While we still have much to learn about how the gut works, exciting scientific discoveries are shedding new light on how a well-balanced microbiota and a well-nourished intestinal barrier help keep us healthy.

That was our inspiration for Holigos™ IBS, with uniquely Human Milk Oligosaccharides that help keep your microbiota balanced, harmful bacteria out, and your intestinal barrier functioning as it should.  It’s good to know that solid scientific evidence backs us up.

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