Talk to Your Doctor About IBS

Talk to Your Doctor About IBS

Preparing for a good discussion

Whether you have IBS or suffer from occasional digestive upsets, the impact on your daily life can be significant. Therefore, getting good help is important and you have an important role in finding it.

Talking to your doctor is an essential step in deciding on the best way to manage your symptoms moving forward. Preparing for that visit and asking the right questions can help you and your doctor get closer to finding the right plan for you. 

Getting ready for the conversation does not have to be difficult. Use this guide to prepare yourself with 5 key questions we have found to be helpful during the discussion with your doctor:

Question 1: What symptoms do you have?

Question 2: What is the typical number of bowel movements you have per week?

Question 3: Some foods may trigger symptoms. What foods have impacted you and how?

Question 4: What medication or supplements are you taking for your symptoms?

Question 5: You might want to consider the following – how does your condition impact your… work, social life, family?

To make it easier to prepare for your discussion, we have created a simple template to fill in before you visit your doctor. Invest 10 minutes of your time to ensure a quality visit.

Download the doctor discussion guide which includes the template and some product information below.

Preparing for a good discussion

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