Suffering from bloating?

Holigos is clinically proven to reduce your bloating.

Why Holigos™?

Holigos™ contains unique microbiome nutrients natural to your body. More than 85% of participants in our clinical study are satisfied with their results:

Balance your microbiome

5x more likely to experience no bloating after after 3 months of use

Less stomach pain

Reduces stomach pain by more than 60%

Reduced bloating

Bloating severity reduced by more than 60%

Increased quality of life

55% improvement of energy and mood

Real Users, Real Stories

“My many trips to the bathroom have been reduced and I experience a lot less gas"
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Diarrhea & Abdominal discomfort

“Things are a lot more normal today and my bowel movements are regular and complete"
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"I feel less constipated and I have less abdominal pain. As a result, I feel less worried"
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“As you can imagine, my energy level wasn’t very high and I couldn’t really go anywhere"
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Pain & Diarrhea

"I had become used to avoiding many different types of food that may trigger an outburst"
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The Holigos™ Difference

After years of research, our breakthrough ingredient called Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) works in three ways to reduce your IBS symptoms.

Improve your microbiome

If you suffer from bloating, then you have an unfavorable balance of bacteria in your gut called your “microbiome”.

The HMOs found in Holigos feed your good bacteria which allows them to grow, flourish and ultimately limit the impact the bad bacteria have on you leading to a reduction in bloating.

Strengthen your intestinal barrier

Your intestinal barrier is vital for keeping out bad pathogens, allergens and toxins. Many bloating sufferers have a weak intestinal lining which amplifies their bloating.

The good bacteria in your digestive system helps to strengthen the walls of your intestines. HMOs found in Holigos help your good bacteria flourish which strengthen your intestinal barrier and reduce stomach bloating.

Balance your immune system

An unbalanced immune system can lead to bowel disturbances, bloating and disrupt your microbiome.

The HMOs in Holigos strengthen your intestinal barrier and support the production of good bacteria, which reduces the stress on your immune system. The result is a healthy gut with a balanced immune system that provides relief from stomach bloating.

What Else?

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Certified safe ingredients

No gluten

Neutral taste and smell

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CLINICALLY PROVEN to nutritionally manage stomach pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED INGREDIENTS: After years of research, Human Milk Oligosaccharides were recently discovered and proven to nourish microbiome nutrients that already exist in your digestive system. Holigos is the first product to contain this ingredient mix to address nutritional deficiencies in your digestive system, strengthen your intestinal barrier, and balance your immune system to reduce your IBS symptoms.

SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Holigos ingredients are certified as safe by the FDA. Trial studies have shown that most people that take Holigos experience increased energy, reduced irritability and improved mood.

CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE: Mix with your yogurt, oatmeal, smoothie, water, or cold or warm drink. The small and convenient on-the-go stick pack fits in your purse, pocket or briefcase.

  • Holigos is a medical food for the dietary management of IBS
  • Each box contains 28 individual 5g stick packs
  • Proprietary blend of clinically proven Human Milk Oligosaccharides: 2'FL (4 g) and LNnT (1 g)
  • Ingredients are certified safe
  • Gluten free and no refrigeration necessary
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