Life with IBS can be debilitating.

When you’re stuck in an endless cycle of diarrhea and cramping, to bloating, constipation and back again, it can often feel that you’re at the mercy of your IBS.

We’ve already touched upon the powerful role that Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) can play in restoring gut health. But of course, when you’ve been living with IBS and have tried every trick in the book, it’s normal to be skeptical about whether this solution will work where so many others have failed.

So, what is it about the Holigos™ IBS product that makes it so different to other solutions on the market?

To answer this, we prefer to let the data do the talking.

Over 85% of those in our clinical study are satisfied with their results

To put it simply: We studied over 300 participants in collaboration with the world-renowned University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and found that every single measure of IBS symptoms showed a highly significant statistical improvement within just one month of using Holigos™. 

On average, those we tested went from being classified as Severe to Mild on the IBS Symptom Severity Scale (The IBS-SSS).

To give a little context on this: The IBS-SSS was introduced to give medical professionals a standardized means of assessing IBS. The SSS is now used by clinicians all over the world and is the golden standard in helping doctors to classify what is often an incredibly variable condition. The scale is points based - and the higher the number, the more severe the IBS.

A change of 50 points on the IBS-SSS is considered to be clinically significant. And yet, what we saw in our study was something quite remarkable.

The average reduction of symptoms in our participants was assessed at 150 points after 4 weeks. This is triple the value that is deemed to be clinically significant. After 12 weeks, it was even better.

In short, what this means is that those who use Holigos™ are extremely likely to experience a remarkable reduction in their symptom severity within one month.

Let’s dive into what that means in more detail.

Instances of constipation and diarrhea are reduced by more than half

Irregular bowel movements are one of the most common - and most troublesome - parts of life with IBS. For some, that means chronic instances of diarrhea; for others, crippling constipation.

But, what if we told you that it didn’t have to be that way?

Our initial findings show that, when using Holigos™ IBS, stool abnormality drops from about 90% to about 50-60%.

Best of all, the unique blend HMOs in Holigos™ IBS works in ‘both directions’ to support regular bowel movements. So, no matter if you live with IBS-D (diarrhea), IBS-C (constipation), or IBS-M/A (mixed or alternating symptoms) Holigos™ IBS will bring you much needed relief.

Drastic reduction in bloating and pain severity

Discomfort caused by bloating and pain goes hand in hand with IBS. At best, this can be annoying but manageable. At worst, it’s severely limiting.

However, our findings indicate that Holigos™ IBS can have a huge impact on helping you regain control of this pain and bloating cycle.

Not only does Holigos™ IBS reduce the severity of bloating by more than 60%, but you are likely to have 4 fewer days with abdominal pain out of every 10.

Just imagine this staggering fact over the course of a month.

That’s an average of 12 extra days - free from pain.

These are days that you can dedicate towards the things that make you happy, and not pain management.

With IBS, the psychological impact matters, too

You know better than anyone that IBS isn’t just a question of physical health.

The very nature of this condition will - over time - also impact the way you feel at an emotional level, too. However, when symptoms are alleviated, you get a chance to rediscover yourself and your body, free from the constraints of discomfort, pain and toilet breaks.

It’s perhaps then unsurprising that we’ve found that those who take Holigos™ IBS report a 55% improvement on measures such as energy, mood, anxiety and irritability.

Reduce these factors, and you quite simply open the door to a better quality of life. This fact is supported by our study findings, which saw participants report huge rises in quality of life measures when their symptoms reduced after using Holigos™.

Best of all? Those increases in quality of life measures happened after just one month.

The search for data continues

We’re committed to widening the pool of evidence on how HMOs help IBS, and are sponsoring more research to fully understand the effect Holigos™ has. And that also comes in the form of anecdotal evidence from people just like you.

Our User Stories are filled with inspiring accounts of people who’ve been able to reclaim their lives since taking Holigos™.

From people who’ve finally found the energy to hit the gym, to those who can now eat at a restaurant without fearing a flare up - Holigos™ is helping people all over America to gain the confidence and energy to live, well.

Because, ultimately, IBS is more than just a condition. It’s your life. And you deserve to live it without being held back by anything - least of all your digestive health.

Happily, our research findings and user stories show that - with Holigos™ - that may now be possible.

For more about how HMOs work, read on here.