A safe, effective and unique option for all IBS sub-types

Holigos® IBS contains glycans identical to those in human secretions such as milk and mucus1 which are essential for gastrointestinal health. Holigos® IBS improves symptoms in all IBS-subtypes:
  • Specifically and beneficially modulates the intestinal microbiota
  • Builds the intestinal barrier
  • Restores homeostasis of the mucosal immune system

The glycans in Holigos® IBS are certified as safe.

    IBS Relief Info for Healthcare Professionals

    Managing symptoms is difficult but restoring the intestinal microbiota is an answer

    A balanced microbiota plays an essential role in the health of the gastrointestinal tract by helping maintain gut homeostasis. An unbalanced gut microbiota is a key factor in IBS pathogenesis and is linked to symptoms in all IBS-subtypes. The consequences are increased intestinal permeability, mucosal immune activation, and dysfunctional gut-brain signaling, leading to typical IBS symptoms. Restoring the microbiota helps restore homeostasis. Read more

    Clinically proven to safely and beneficially modulate the microbiota and improve symptoms

    Holigos® IBS beneficially modulates the intestinal microbiota without the addition of foreign bacteria, increases abundance of bifidobacteria, and improves overall IBS symptoms as measured by IBS-SSS from severe to mild. Read more


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    1 Bode L, The functional biology of human milk oligosaccharides, Early Hum Dev; 2015, Nov;91(11):619-22