Human Milk Oligosaccharides (or HMOs) might sound like something straight out of a lab, but they are in fact among the most natural components of your digestive health.

So much so that HMOs are one of the key components of mother’s milk, which means that these little structures soldier away within our bodies from the moment we are born to build and fortify a well-functioning gut.

Think of them as natural prebiotics, shaped specifically for human needs as the result of millions of years of evolution. This synchronized co-evolution of HMOs with humankind makes them one of the most targeted and effective means of establishing gut health.

Here’s how they work.

The role of HMOs in keeping the gut healthy from birth

Put simply: HMOs work to establish a healthy gut by feeding the good bacteria so that they can thrive and crowd out the bad ones.

In turn, these good bacteria produce the nutrients that we need to thrive, such as vitamins, amino acids and short chain fatty acids. One of these fatty acids - butyrate - is the main energy source for cells making up our intestinal barrier - we discuss why this is so important here.

Interestingly, HMOs are indigestible. When they aren’t feeding the good bacteria, they pass from mouth to diaper without providing us with calories (as normal sugars do) on their journey. In this way, these powerful little structures also act as natural detoxifiers. Harmful pathogens have been shown to latch onto HMOs rather than infants’ intestinal wall, thereby reducing the chance of infection.

The HMOs in mother’s milk are, therefore, essential for developing intestinal health in our earliest months.

Holigos™: Harnessing the power of HMOs beyond infancy

It turns out that the benefits of HMOs for fortifying gut health in babies happen to be just as impressive for adults, too.

At Holigos, we’ve been working for over a decade to find a way to harness the power of HMOs beyond infancy to restore digestive health.

And the best part is: we cracked it.

Our scientific team has made a revolutionary breakthrough to recreate HMOs from scratch. What this means is that you can now draw on the natural power of HMOs to proactively manage your digestive health - whenever issues strike.

Your natural pathway to digestive health

The Holigos™ products power a natural means of achieving better digestive health - which enables what we call Human Milk Living. Our current product range is as follows:

  • Holigos™ IBS provides a new and improved way for dietary management of your IBS.
  • Holigos™ Digestive Health offers a way to proactively manage digestive health and help with occasional digestive issues.
Read on for more information on the clinically proven benefits of HMOs for managing the symptoms of IBS.