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We know the best way to tell how products work is to read the experiences of those who use them. Through the years, we’ve had over 1000 users share their experiences with Holigos®. People with the same digestive concerns and goals as you. These are some of their stories. Take a look. You'll hear from people suffering with symptoms of IBS, as well as some who just experience occasional symptoms. Hear, in their words, how Holigos® helped them restore and maintain their digestive balance so they could get back to themselves.


“My new normal.”

Amy M., Diagnosed with IBS-M, predominant D
“I’m 59 and it took 40 years to diagnose my IBS. Along the way I tried everything from cod liver oil to various supplements without finding relief. It’s been a marathon. I thought it was just the way it was going to be, so I found ways to live my life, have a career and raise 2 boys. For the past year I’ve taken Holigos® every morning, mixed in my daily cup of coffee, with a little cream. I no longer feel abdominal pain and have “normal” bowel movements. Once, during the past year, I was without my Holigos® while traveling, and my issues came back. But 3 days after taking it again, I was back to my new normal! I feel a new sense of freedom. The best thing is that I don’t have to bring 3 sizes of clothing on trips in fear of bloating anymore.”

“I feel like a normal person.”

Jennifer D., Diagnosed with IBS-D and Celiac Disease
“It has been a very long and cumbersome journey with repeated doctor visits, and it sometimes still is. I’ve become used to avoiding many different types of food that may trigger an outburst. I [always just] hoped for a good day. I’m in the travel business with frequent trips out of the office, and I always had to map out where the bathrooms were. I discovered Holigos® six months ago through a social group. After using it for three weeks, I felt a significant difference. It’s like a miracle! It helps me feel like a normal person. I can carry on with my life and focus outward instead of being focused inward all the time.”

“I have a sense of freedom.”

Alex J., Diagnosed with IBS-M
“I’ve suffered with IBS for about five years and was tied to a bathroom. I tried various ways to manage my symptoms, but never found the right solution. It was only after surgery for an intestinal hernia that I decided to try something new and started taking Holigos®. It’s helped me manage my symptoms, and when I told that to my doctor, he recommended continuing to take it. Occasionally I feel bloated, but with Holigos®, I feel like my system is being cleaned. I feel less constipated and less pain. I put it on my oatmeal every morning and have experienced some relief and an increase in energy. Now when I go biking, I can go longer and more frequently, and that’s given me a [new] sense of freedom.”

“I’m much more confident.”

Helen P., Suffered from diarrhea and abdominal discomfort
“I’ve been suffering with bouts of diarrhea and abdominal discomfort for the past 34 years. My life was constantly being interrupted by frequent visits to the bathroom. I had to take special care of my diet because certain types of food could trigger a reaction. Diarrhea could sometimes happen within five minutes! I had almost given up hope, but then I found Holigos®. It’s part of my daily routine. My symptoms eased a lot, and things have gotten a lot better. I’m feeling much more relaxed and confident. I’m even more open to going out to dinner.”

“Life is just more fun.”

Peter M., Episodes of abdominal pain and diarrhea
“Abdominal pain and severe diarrhea have been constant in my life. I could be in the bathroom up to eight times a day. My energy level wasn’t very high, and I always had to stay close to a toilet. I tried whatever I could find in terms of nutritional supplements and energy drinks, but none of them had a lasting effect. A friend introduced me to Holigos®. After a week of taking it every morning in a glass of water, I saw a change. That was a year ago! My digestive system just feels more natural. I can participate in activities farther away from home. I have taken up horseback riding again and I go biking. Life is just more fun.”

“My quality of life improved a lot.”

Maria S., Challenged by constipation, bloating, and low energy
“Before taking Holigos®, I experienced a lack of energy, anxiety, and general gut problems. I got frustrated with the lack of solutions and became my own doctor, searching for help online and through books. I found Holigos®. Twelve weeks after starting Holigos®, my physical symptoms as well as my quality of life improved a lot. My energy level has gone up, and I have a normal bowel movement every day. I feel a sense of freedom and have the ability to do more without constantly worrying about my symptoms. I share my experiences through a social group, and I’ve taken up sports and lifting weights — activities that I did not do before.”

“I have more energy!”

Sue K., Diagnosed with IBS-C
“I was in high school and suddenly started to suffer from intense abdominal pain and cramps. It was the beginning of a long and painful journey to get my diagnosis of IBS-C (constipation). For months I had real difficulty getting out of bed in the morning due to frequent episodes of abdominal pain, cramps, and nausea, which resulted in not attending school 8 out of 10 days. I met with a lot of doctors and healthcare professionals who gave me options to help manage symptoms, but none of them made me feel better. Some even made things worse. I was just having minimal success with those other remedies. I started taking Holigos®. After only two weeks I noticed a positive difference. Things are a lot more normal today and I’m more regular. Now I’m back in school, and I have more energy and am happier and optimistic about the day I have ahead of me.” The personal experiences on this page were reported in interviews with real consumers using Holigos®. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of these individuals. The referenced consumers started taking Holigos® as part of an open label study run by Glycom during which they received the product for free and were not compensated for their participation in the follow up interviews. Your personal experience with Holigos® may vary from those experiences depicted on this page, which are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will have the same outcome from using Holigos®. Holigos® has not been evaluated or approved by any federal or state authority (such as the FDA or other similar organization) for the treatment of any disease, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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