Digestive Balance. Digestive Balance.

Digestive Balance.

Powered by your gut. Fortified by Holigos®.

There’s a lot going on in your gut, so when it’s not working right, you feel it. But just relieving symptoms isn’t enough. It's about restoring and maintaining digestive health. That’s what makes Holigos® unique.

Unlike other products you may have tried, such as probiotics, Holigos® goes beyond symptom relief to the source of your issues — an unbalanced gut. For example, as a targeted microbiome nutrient, Holigos® IBS Restore selectively nourishes and stimulates the growth of good bacteria, activating it to thrive and help strengthen your intestinal wall and balance your immune system, which improves the health of your gut.

That’s real relief you can feel — and enjoy — every day.

Born from nature's digestive essentials, Holigos® is unique in how it works.

We mirrored nature’s digestive nutrients, human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), to create Holigos® Microbiome Health. Holigos® doesn't contain human milk, but just like nature's HMOs, our ingredients are natural to your body and make real changes to help fortify your gut and restore your digestive health.

Proven to get your good bacteria back in motion, so you can get back into action.

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  • In a healthy gut, there’s a balance of good and bad bacteria.

  • But when bad bacteria get out of control, it weakens the gut wall or barrier, causing the digestive issues you experience.
  • HMOs work in a unique way. They rebalance your gut microbiome by selectively feeding good bacteria only. This sets your good bacteria in motion to multiply and thrive, outperforming the bad bacteria.
  • As a result, your gut microbiome is activated to start producing the nutrients you need to fight off digestive issues and maintain good digestive health. This strengthens your gut barrier to help improve leaky gut and balance your immune system.

There's a Holigos® option for you.

Microbiome Health

IBS | Restore

Holigos® IBS Restore is a medical food proven to nutritionally manage IBS symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

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Microbiome Health


Holigos® Maintain is a dietary supplement for proactive digestive health and support with occasional digestive issues.

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“Taking Holigos® helps me feel like a normal person. I can carry on with my life and I can focus outward instead of being focused inward all the time.”

Jennifer D. (IBS-D)

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