Alex: IBS-A

Alex has become more regular and enjoys a new sense of freedom

Alex is a 67-year-old man who has suffered from IBS for about 5 years. Due to his IBS-A, Alex has experienced recurrent episodes of constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain and a need to visit the toilet frequently throughout the day.

For the past 6 months, Alex has taken Holigos™ every morning as a topping on his porridge.  Recently, Alex spoke to his doctor about his experience over the past months with Holigos™ and the doctor advised him to continue taking the product. Prior to trying Holigos™, Alex took (and continues to take) fish oil and psyllium fiber and has tried various ways to manage his symptoms, but never found the right solution for him.

While having suffered from IBS for years, it was a different trigger that got Alex started with Holigos™. After undergoing surgery for an intestinal hernia, Alex decided to try something new to calm his IBS symptoms and started taking Holigos™. He said, " I experienced some relief as well as an increase in energy level.”

Alex added that Holigos™ has helped him manage his IBS symptoms. "I am much more regular, nearly on the clock and I feel that my system is being cleaned. I feel less constipated and I have less abdominal pain. As a result, I feel less worried."

Is there a downside to taking Holigos™? "Yes," he admits. He occasionally feels slightly bloated, but that he says is “ok.”

The feeling of having more energy has continued for Alex while taking Holigos™. So now when Alex goes biking, he feels less out of breath, making it possible for him to bike longer and more frequent than before. This gives Alex what he calls “a sense of freedom.” That is what we call Human-Natural Living.

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