Amy: IBS-A (predominant D)

Because it didn’t have to be that way. Feeling less nervous going out to dinner

Amy is a 59-year-old woman, diagnosed with IBS-A (predominant D) by her gastroenterologist. She has been through a true marathon with her IBS and abdominal challenges. As a little girl at the age of 8, Amy already started having stomach issues. As for many other IBS patients, it wasn’t until much later that Amy actually got diagnosed with IBS – although for Amy it took a lot longer than usual… almost 40 years. During her path to the diagnosis, she had at times caved into the belief that this was just the way it was going to be.

Abdominal pain, significant bloating, diarrhea and constipation had been part of her life, but Amy found ways to live it by establishing a licensed day care, being a ballroom dance instructor and raising 2 boys. Along the way trying everything from cod liver oil to various supplements without finding a solution for her relief.

For the past year, Amy has taken Holigos™ every morning – mixed in with her daily cup of coffee with a little cream.  She said, “I now finally have a consistent daily bowel movement and it is “normal” not diarrhea or constipation.” Amy added, “I no longer feel abdominal pain. Bloating can still happen, but much more moderate.”

Amy also feels a new sense of freedom and said, “I am more able to and willing to go out for dinner – it has always been weird to go out, never knowing whether I might get significant bloating or cramping.”

Once during the past year, Amy was without her Holigos™ for a couple of weeks. She had not brought her Holigos™ while traveling and some of her issues came back, in particular, the bloating. Thankfully, only 3 days after taking Holigos™ again she was back to her “new normal.”

Amy has shared her experiences with Holigos™ with her doctor who recommended that she continues to take Holigos™.  Hoping to help her friends who also suffer from IBS, she has already recommended Holigos™ to two of them.

At the conclusion of the interview, Amy said, “The best thing is that I don’t have to bring 3 sizes of clothing on trips in fear of bloating anymore.”

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