Jennifer: IBS-D

Focus outward rather than inward

Jennifer has not only been diagnosed with IBS-D (diarrhea), but also suffers from celiac disease, a long-term autoimmune disorder that forces her to stay on a strict lifelong gluten-free diet. IBS-D is nothing new to Jennifer as it seems to run in her family.  Both her mom and aunt have suffered from the same condition.

Jennifer said, “It has been a very long and cumbersome journey with repeated doctors visits, and it sometimes still is.” Jennifer added, “I have become used to avoiding many different types of food that may trigger an outburst.”

“Six months ago I discovered Holigos from a Facebook group that I am part of,” Jennifer explained. “After using Holigos™ for 3 weeks, I felt a significant difference. In fact, it is like a miracle!” She added that she can still feel unsettled at times, but “it has somehow calmed down a great deal.” 

“Taking Holigos™ helps me feel like a normal person. I can carry on with my life and I can focus outward instead of being focused inward all the time. This of course makes me feel a lot better, more energized and I even feel stronger. In fact, there are some foods I previously avoided that I can now enjoy, like peppers.”

Jennifer works in the travel industry with frequent trips out of the office. Previously, she always had to map out where the bathrooms were located and “hoped for a good day.” Holigos™ has helped Jennifer avoid too much hassle in her work life. That’s what we call Human-Natural Living.

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