Sue: IBS-C

Now back at high school

Sue is a student who suddenly started to suffer from intense abdominal pain and cramps towards the end of 2016. This was the beginning of a long and painful journey towards getting the diagnosis of IBS-C (constipation). During the 18 month long journey, Sue met with several doctors and other healthcare professionals. They provided her with various options to help manage her symptoms, but none of them made her feel better. Some even made her situation worse.

Sue said, “For months I had real difficulty getting out of bed in the morning due to frequent episodes of abdominal pain, cramps and nausea, which resulted in not attending school 8 out of 10 days.”

Sue told us, “I used to have incomplete bowel movements and a persistent feeling of being constipated. Fibers did not relieve those symptoms.” Having minimal success with other remedies, Sue began her journey with Holigos™. “Six months ago I started taking Holigos™ and after only 2 weeks I noticed a positive difference,” Sue said.

“Things are a lot more normal today and my bowel movements are regular and complete,” Sue told us. “I still experience episodes of abdominal pain, but they are less frequent and less painful." Once, Sue forgot to bring her Holigos™ with her on vacation and she experienced a considerable relapse of her symptoms – thankfully it only took a few days after she came home to get back to the “new” normal. She is now careful not to forget to bring her Holigos™ on her trips. Sue believes that Holigos™ has been one of the contributors to her improvement.

Since the Spring, Sue has been able to attend school consistently and said, “I have more energy and as a result I am happier and optimistic about the day I have ahead of me.” That’s what we call Human-Natural Living.

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